Private Taxi Hire for Events & Special Occasions

JPD makes travel easy. With affordable private taxi hire, shuttle services and multi pick-ups, we make getting from A to B easy and effortless.

When you’re planning a day trip or a night out, why worry about travel? Private taxi hire from JPD Travel ensures a professional, safe and reliable service from start to finish. With no need to worry about traffic, routes or refuelling, you can relax and enjoy your excursion.


Our professional taxi service makes it easy to plan the perfect adventure. As well as offering custom routes and bespoke services, we provide private taxi hire for a range of popular events, including:

Royal Ascot and Race Meets

Royal Ascot is a highlight of the sporting and social calendar, so it’s not surprising that it’s one of the most popular events in the South East. Whether you’re planning a one-off day out or you’re eager to attend every day, our custom taxi service makes travelling to Ascot a breeze.

As well as offering private taxi hire to Ascot Races, we also provide taxi booking to Cheltenham Races, Newbury Racecourse and all other courses around the country.


Silverstone Race Track

Silverstone Race Track is home to some of the biggest and best motorcar racing events in the country, which is why we provide private hire taxi services to and from the venue. With events such as the VSCC Formula Vintage Festival, the British Grand Prix MotoGP and numerous exclusive F1 packages to enjoy, why not leave the car alone and have a grand day out?

Rugby and Football Matches

From league matches and local derbies to World Cup qualifies and title matches; JPD Travel will get you to where the action’s happening. Travelling to and from a match can be notoriously difficult. Instead of missing the kick-off or leaving before the final whistle, why not use our luxury taxi service? With transfers to stadiums and pitches all over the country, you can follow your team up and down the UK with private taxi hire from JPD Travel.

Theatre Trips

From lively musicals to dramatic performances and everything in between; a trip to the theatre is a magical experience. Whether you’ve got tickets to a matinee at the Oxford Playhouse or a box in the West End, you can arrive in style with JPD Travel. With limited parking in and around most theatres, travelling independently can turn your night out into a nightmare. If you want to be settled in your seat before the curtain goes up, our taxi service will get you to your destination ahead of time.

Events and Exhibitions

With so many exhibitions and trade shows taking place around the country, you could spend all of your free time behind the wheel. While transporting exhibition stands and equipment makes public transport difficult, private taxi hire is a simple and straightforward alternative. The Clothes Show at the NEC Birmingham, the Ideal Home Show in London’s Olympia and The Wedding Fair at ExCel are all popular events – and with a full day on your feet, you won’t want to wait around for public transport. With a pre-booked taxi service, you can arrive and depart at your leisure.

Family Days Out

From days at the coast and trips to theme parks to birthday nights out and wedding receptions; there are plenty of family events that require private taxi hire. Instead of taking multiple vehicles and losing track of your party, why not arrange for a shuttle service from JPD Travel? Our multi pick-up and drop off options ensure family members can be collected en route and dropped off outside their door.

Why Use Private Taxi Hire?

Travel is becoming increasingly difficult. Whether you’re behind the wheel, aboard a train or on a plane, your trip can be impacted by travel disruptions. With private taxi hire, however, you can relax in comfort and enjoy your journey. 

Travelling by private taxi hire offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Finding suitable car parking facilities at your destination can be difficult, particularly when you’re travelling to major events. Furthermore, paying for parking can be more expensive than buying your event tickets! With our taxi service, you won’t waste time searching for a space or be faced with extortionate parking fees. 
  • When you’re driving yourself to a venue, you’ll be stumping up for petrol and diesel, as well as sustaining wear and tear to your vehicle. When you travel by private taxi hire, you avoid these costs and preserve your vehicle for your own use. 
  • Although public transport can be great…it rarely is. Unexpected cancellations and lengthy delays aren’t uncommon. When you’re travelling to an event, it’s vital you arrive on time. Why risk being late when you can arrive in advance with private taxi hire? 
  • If you choose to navigate a journey yourself, you’re taking on the stress and hassle associated with it. As well as charting a route, you’ll need to factor in rest breaks and deal with potential diversions. When you choose JPD Travel’s taxi service, however, you can rest assured that our experienced drivers will manage every aspect of the journey. With minimal hassle, you can enjoy your day trip or night out like you deserve to.

Why Choose JPD Travel?

At JPD Travel, we’re committed to providing every customer with outstanding service. In fact, we pride ourselves on our reliable and professional private taxi hire. If you need a taxi booking and taxi services, take a look at why JPD Travel is your first choice:


  • Safety is our top priority. With a range of well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers, we offer safe private taxi hire, wherever you’re headed. 
  • Our reputation highlights the level of service we offer and showcases our commitment to customer service. Want to know more? Take a look at what our customers have to say.
  • We serve both individual and business customers, as well as offering business accounts on request. 
  • When you make a taxi booking with us, we’ll give you a fixed-fee price that won’t change. 
  • All of our vehicles have Isofix fittings, so you can bring your own car seats for younger passengers.
  • We offer multi pick-ups and drop-offs to ensure your journey is as stress-free as possible. 
  • Our team are on hand to assist with your transport requirements and to help you plan the perfect journey.

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